Live Performances

Live Performances

Be wowed as Australia’s best musicians, entertainers and roaming performers bring their incredible talents to every corner of Real Festival.


By Stalker Theatre
Friday & Saturday: 7:45pm & 9pm

A spectacular fusion of circus, aerial, dance & acrobatics by Stalker Theatre

Hot Potato

Friday: 6:45pm

Watch the boldest brass band around swing, dance and jive their way across Real

Erth Dino Exoskeletons

Friday: Street Theatre

Literally step inside the Jurassic World & try a dino exoskeleton on for size

Up Up and Away

Saturday: Street Theatre

Get carried away as this high flying street theatre duo roam around the festival

The Owl's Apprentice

Saturday: 8:15pm

This enchanting performance tells the story of a young owl learning to be wise


Friday & Saturday: 5:45pm

A fun comedy circus show the whole family will love


Friday & Saturday

Soak up the Real Festival atmosphere & enjoy live music by the river

Mirror Man & Lady

Saturday: Street Theatre

Reflecting the light & environment around them, this duo will shimmer and shine


Friday & Saturday: Street Theatre

The much loved storybook classic will delight audiences young and old

Nulungu Dreaming

Saturday: 3:15pm & 5:15pm

Learn about Aboriginal art, culture & history with Nulungu Dreaming

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo

Friday & Saturday: 6:45pm

Meet awesome prehistoric creatures in this fun, educational & unique show

Penny & The Boneshaker

Saturday: Street Theatre

Penny & The Boneshaker are sure to entertain as they roll on into Real

Pop Art

Saturday: Street Theatre

A pop of art in neon colour roving their way along the riverbank at Real Festival are sure to delight.