Real Festival’s outdoor art gallery is like no other. In this unique creative space there are no walls or floors and some artworks stand towering amongst the trees, while others are so intertwined with the space it’s hard to tell where the art stops and nature begins.

The collection of interactive and illuminated art installations shine, move, twinkle, twist, glow and even make noise. Their intricacies will mesmerise you; their beauty will astound you but it’s the meaning behind the artworks and the motivations of the artists that will have a lasting impact.

Highlights of the outdoor art gallery include Nebulous, a towing kinetic structure that stands as tall as the tree canopy and commands attention. The Sonic Light Bubble which is a warm and friendly piece that you’ll find hard to resist and Unity which you can help create by sharing your story.

Crochet Forest

An intricate crochet installation along the riverbank by local artist Victoria Lees.

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Step back in time with this nostalgic installation by local artist Al Phemister.

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Enviro Photos

Local amateur photographers have captured how water shapes our everyday lives.

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Designed to encourage a moment of reflection and wonder, what will you be thinking as you look at Nebulous?

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On Life Support

This contemplative piece reflects on the fragility of the natural world and the impact of human behaviour on the environment.

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Portal is a fascinating exploration into communication and imagination by local artist Bronwyn Berman.

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Sonic Light Bubble

A living breathing installation that responds with light and sound when touched.

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The idea of being different, but not separate, is highlighted and celebrated in a larger than life structure.

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