Top 10 Things To See and Do At Real Festival

Your handy guide to all the highlights at this year’s event.

If you’re having trouble deciding what entertainment, activities and experiences you’re going to get amongst at this year’s Real Festival, we don’t blame you. The two-day program is next-level amazing, but don’t worry because we’re here to navigate you through it.

We’ve come up with a list of the top things to see and do so you can plan ahead, and catch all the highlights. And if you thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, it’s all for free. Well except the food and drinks, you will have to buy those, and believe us you’re going to want to buy them. So don’t forget your wallet ok?

1 - Mountain – Headline Performance by Stalker Theatre

World renowned outdoor theatre group Stalker perform a 30-minute physical and visual stage show on both Friday and Saturday night at Real Festival. Their fast-paced fusion of circus, aerials, dance and acrobatics has captivated audiences around the world, and now it’s your turn to be amazed.


2 - Outdoor Dining

If you like your food with a side of amazing views, Real’s dishing up a backdrop of the Blue Mountains and the Nepean River. Grab something from the food trucks (choose from more than 20) relax with a drink in the riverside bar (sounds fancy, and it is) and enjoy coffee in a cone at the sustainable rooftop cafe. It’s a recipe for a great night!

3 - Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Show

In this widely acclaimed show you can observe, meet and interact with awesome prehistoric creatures; from cute baby dinos to some of the largest carnivores and herbivores that have ever walked the planet. The dinosaurs are incredibly life-like, mostly friendly and Jurassic sized fun for everyone.

Peacock Spider

4 - Peacock Spider

You’ve probably never heard of a Peacock Spider, let alone seen one in real life. These guys are so small, they tend to fly under the radar - but not anymore! Now you can get up close to the tiny, colourful and quirky inhabitant of the local region with this giant installation that illuminates after dark.

5 - Silent Disco Dome

This is your chance to dance. Grab a set of headphones and hit the dance floor in this illuminated Silent Disco Dome where a DJ spins tunes and you control all the moves. You can dance like no one is watching, but just know that everyone will probably be watching. But who cares right?!

6 - Chores - Kids Show

An action-packed comedy circus show by Hoopla Clique about two boys who don’t want to clean their room. It’s a storyline that all kids (and parents!) can definitely relate to and that’s half the fun. Full of surprises, and plenty of side-splitting laughs, this is a must- see for kids and kids at heart.

7 - Trapeze School

This is where kids (6yrs and over) can learn how to fly through the air and feel like a circus star. Yes, dreams really do come true at Real Festival! At 10-metres off the ground, mastering the art of trapeze is no small feat but kids will definitely have a fun time trying. And we’ll all have fun watching.

Sydney Trapeze School

8 - Markets

Strolling through market stalls is one of life’s simple pleasures and with nearly 50 market stalls at Real Festival it’s definitely time to indulge. Pick up something for yourself (go on, you deserve it) or purchase a unique gift that’s been made, grown, sewn, picked, crafted and harvested in the region.

Glow Balls

9 - Glow Ball Pit

Kids and ball pits are a perfect pairing because they provide kids with hours of active fun, and give parents a much-needed break. This one has glow-in-the-dark balls which takes the fun and excitement to the next level. Parents can let the kids loose then sit back, relax and watch them have a ball.

10 - Enviro World

This is where little (and big) green thumbs get to hang out with Australia’s favourite gardener, Costa Georgiadis; use this opportunity to ask him all the hard questions and find out how to get your garden to grow. You can also learn how to be more sustainable, and be creative with fun garden and environmental art activities.