Real Festival Lights Up After Dark

As the sun sets after a long day, Real Festival comes to life with sparkling sounds, glowing artworks, shimmering performances and tunes to keep you going throughout the night. Don’t miss seeing these activities and experiences light up after dark.

We firmly believe that warm spring nights are best spent in the company of family and good friends; exploring somewhere new, doing something different and creating memories that will last forever. If you’re on the same page, then you’re in the right place. As the sun begins to set and against a backdrop of twinkling stars; art, music and captivating performances take centre stage at Real Festival.


The same installations that made your jaw drop during the day in Real Festival’s magical outdoor art gallery along the riverbank will illuminate under the night sky and seriously blow your mind.

As night falls the warm and friendly Sonic Light Bubble suddenly becomes intriguing and intoxicatingly beautiful. While the towering kinetic sculpture Nebulous which commands everyone’s attention during the day continues to hold its own amongst the sparkling night stars.

Not to be outdone is the Crochet Forest which hangs pendulously (and magnificently) from the branches in the trees. It’s bright and bold colours are in stark contrast to its natural surroundings and will seem completely out of place, yet perfectly at home.

Crochet forest thumb


Music stage thumb


A huge range of talented solo acts, bands, DJs and musicians provide the soundtrack to your evening at Real Festival. Sit back and enjoy the fresh beats and energetic performances on The Music Stage including Frank Sultana and the Sinister Kids, Matt Boylan – Smith and Bojesse who you know and love from The Voice.

Treat your ears and your eyes to a spectacular Fire Jet display on the Nepean River each night. Twelve Fire Jets will blast huge plumes of fire up to 15 metres high on the beats of music, spectacularly pulsating in choreographed patterns.

Around every corner there’s musical entertainment to get you moving and grooving. See the EnviroLife Stage burst to life with musical act Vegetable Plot; they know how to make our favourite food group sound delightfully appetising. If you prefer to dance to your own beat, grab the headphones, choose your track and let loose at the Silent Disco.


As you make your way around Real Festival, expect the unexpected as roving performers bring playful fun to every corner. You’ll be amazed and entertained as animated characters in fluorescent costumes tempt and tantalise you as you walk by.

Who says junk is bad for you? The fun musical performance by Junkyard Beats is seriously good for the soul. Using everyday items they produce some pretty big sounds, combining drum and body percussion, dance, theatre and comedy skits. This dynamic show calls for audience participation, so expect to be brought along for the (joy) ride!

Whatever you see and do at Real Festival, make sure you make the majestic stage performance of The Spheres the centrepiece to your evening. This tale of transformation and wonder is told by five celestial beings as they emerge out of giant orbs of luminous beauty towering seven metres above ground in a 20-minute show. Sound amazing? It is.

Roaming performers 2