Family fun time at Real Festival

The best family time is when everyone’s having fun and there’s bucket-loads of fun to enjoy together at Real Festival. Check out our guide to the very best activities and experiences for kids in different age groups. Did we mention it’s all for free?!

There’s so much for families to do across the weekend of the Real Festival and we don’t want anyone to miss a moment. So we’ve come up with a guide to help families find the best age-appropriate experiences for their kids to enjoy at Tench Reserve, Nepean River from 3-4 November. With roaming performers, live music and entertainment, interactive experiences and fun outdoor adventures at every corner, Real Festival offers up the kind of fun that kids will remember forever. 

The Lorax listing

Kids Under 5

Kids know and love him from his hit movie The Lorax, but seeing him up close is an entirely different experience. In his colourful and quirky stage show, The Lorax will sing, dance and delight kids while teaching them about the importance of looking after the environment.

We know littlies love getting lost in a good book and discovering new toys, so if you’re after a quiet moment to do this that’s where the Pop-Up Library and Playvan come in. Bring your kids along, grab a bean bag and enjoy taking time out for reading and playing in this beautiful setting overlooking the Nepean River.

It’s one thing to know that native animals exist, but it’s a completely different thing to see and touch one! At the Amazing Life of Bush Animals talk, kids will get to do just that. This is where curious minds learn and eager hands can have a close encounter with their favourite furry friend or cold-blooded critter.

Seeing a favourite character or creature being painted on a child’s face is a simple pleasure that all parents can relate to. At Real this favoured pastime is taken to a whole new level with UV paint. Now you can see your child’s face come to life during the day, and the night! 

Kids aged 5-12yrs

The Real Festival is one big giant outdoor classroom for kids in this age group. Who says you need to be in school to learn? Kids can discover how much fun science can be by creating slime, setting off rockets and even making sherbet.

We know kids love to eat, like a lot, so this is their opportunity to create something delicious of their own and compete for the title of Junior RealChef at Real Festival. This is a culinary competition like no other, with kids only limited by their imaginations (ok, and available ingredients!).

Creative minds and busy little hands can be put to good use in the Origami Garden. In this creative space there are six different work stations dedicated to six different origami designs. Create one or create them all – there’s hours of folding fun for kids to have in here.  

Jokes are so much funnier when everyone can laugh along and let’s face it, is there anything funnier for kids than vegetables? The Vegetable Plot is an award winning band who will thrill the kids with their great music, colourful characters and truly rotten puns about their favourite food group.

Junior real chef listing
Silent disco listing

Kids aged over 12yrs

Just because the soccer season is over, doesn’t mean kids can’t play soccer. At Real Festival they can step inside a giant inflatable ball for an exhilarating game of Bubble Soccer. This is where serious soccer meets inflatable fun, to create what the kids are calling serious fun.

We all remember the excitement of school discos, well the Silent Disco at Real Festival is like this but much, much better. Dancing to the beat of their very own soundtrack, arms and limbs flaying about…could there be anything more satisfying for a parent to watch?

For some dance inspiration, kids can check out the roving street performers Dauntless Movement Crew. Sure it’s ambitious for them to combine parkour with hip-hop, breakdancing and acrobatics but we need to encourage kids to aim high right?

If it’s getting too much and you’re in need of some space (we understand) send the kids out kayaking. Kayaking on the Nepean River is a great way for kids to burn energy, and have fun at the same time. Parents can join in by going tandem or racing kids in their very own kayak, or take the opportunity to watch from a distance and enjoy the peace and quiet!

And finally, some fun for everyone

There’s also lots of great activities for the whole family to experience and enjoy together like Super Box World. This crazy cardboard city is reliant on your imagination (and a fair bit of cardboard) to grow and prosper. What creature or character will you build with your family? The options are endless and the opportunities are limitless in Super Box World.