See the riverbank light up after dark

Music, art and immersive experiences in one spectacular location.

We firmly believe that warm spring nights are best spent in the company of family and good friends; exploring somewhere new, doing something different and creating memories that will last forever. If you’re on the same page, then you’re in the right place. As the sun begins to set and against a backdrop of twinkling stars; art, music and immersive glow-in-the-dark experiences take centre stage at Real Festival. Don’t miss seeing these activities and experiences light up after dark.


The same installations that made your jaw drop during the day in Real Festival’s magical outdoor art gallery will illuminate under the night sky and seriously blow your mind. As night falls Leor the friendly four-metre tall puppet shines bright as his strings are gently pulled to create a hypnotic and beautiful String Symphony. The giant, glowing but ever-so-sweet Bilby commands everyone’s attention. While Red Air and Breath Trees celebrate Aboriginal culture with bold prints and bright colours. Not to be outdone are the colourful Jellyfish which hang pendulously (and magnificently) from the branches in the trees while Light Reeding transforms the ground with sparkling colours that seem completely out of place, yet perfectly at home.



A huge range of talented musicians provide the soundtrack to your evening at Real Festival. Sit back and enjoy the fresh beats and energetic performance of Jazz Hourigan and get your toes tapping to upbeat sounds of talent duo Frankie & Charles. Blue Mountains locals Empty Fishtank are bringing a full tank of energy so you can dance the night away under the stars and if you like country and blues, you’ll love the high-energy performance of Sweet Jelly Rolls. Around every corner there’s musical entertainment to get you moving and grooving including the one-man band Uptown Brown and Australian indie-folk band Tipsy Scholars. Don’t miss Canadian singer-songwriter and Juno-award nominee Alysha Brilla who will light up the stage as part of her Australian tour.


Silent DiscoGLOW ZONE

One precinct in particular is brimming with glow-in-the-dark fun for everyone. Step inside our Glow Zone to explore all that shimmers, shines and sparkles after dark. Try to sink a hole-in-one at Neon Putt Putt Golf or transform yourself with UV Face Painting or a UV temporary tattoo. Grab a paintbrush and lend your creative talents to the UV Mural or for something less permanent but equally as fun, make your mark on the Glow Wall. When you’re ready to unleash your dance moves, head straight for the Silent DisGlow and get moving and grooving as you light up the dancefloor.