Bright lights and Real Festival nights

This year's event promises to showcase an array of neon-lit activities and illuminated artworks created by some of Australia's most talented artists and design houses.

Sal the Snail 1We firmly believe that warm spring nights (fingers crossed for the weather forecast!) are best spent in the company of family and good friends; exploring somewhere new, doing something different and creating memories that will last forever. If you’re on the same page, then you’re in the right place. As the sun begins to set and against a backdrop of twinkling stars; art, music and immersive glow-in-the-dark experiences take centre stage at Real Festival. Don’t miss seeing these activities and experiences light up after dark.



Australian Birds are internally illuminated in base hues of white and yellow for the Sulfur Crested Cockatoo and hues of white and peach for the Major Mitchell's Cockatoo. These birds perch gleefully above the audience, watching Real Festival with the best views of us all.

Love Birds is a captivating and naturally dynamic installation, where birds gracefully glide above the audience, exhibiting a mesmerizing display of colour and light in the breeze. Constructed from environmentally-friendly materials to symbolize the strength of unity in addressing communal challenges,

Sal the Snail is a whimsical take on the unassuming garden snail, offering the audience a charmingly otherworldly encounter as they navigate around him during the day, and when night falls, he bursts into a radiant array of vivid colours.


Ocean Blue designed as an engaging picture book for children aged 4-7, weaves an immersive tale connecting Forests, Rivers, and Oceans. Featuring charming artwork showcasing playful crabs, moody seagulls, and secret octopuses, all while conveying an eco-friendly message through its 95% recycled PET materials and 100% renewable electricity studio. This work aims to spark optimistic discussions about change, hope, and sustainability among young audiences and their families.


Neon Dog Park. The Neon Dogs Collection offers a delightful and engaging photo opportunity for all to enjoy. Consisting of larger-than-life fabricated metal dogs with LED Neon Flex, this fully interactive installation features a variety of poses, such as fetching a neon ball, chewing on a bone, or running with their tongue out.


ILLUMINART (Fri and Sat 6.30 pm and 8pm)

The clever team at No Boundaries Art Group are taking the riverbank and turning it into a breathtaking display using light, sound and storytelling. Prepare to be whisked away on a whimsical journey starring the Nepean Belle, you’ve never seen her quite like this before.

JETPACK SHOW (Fri and Sat 6.50pm and 8.20pm)

Following straight after Illuminart, is the heart-pumping, mind blowing adrenaline action neon-lit Jetpack shows. Stay close to the riverbank to see all the action.


Roller Rink by Busway. Pre-book your 30 minute skate session under the neon-lit night sky. Skate hire included.

Open Air Arcade. A vibrant outdoor arcade illuminated with neon lights, offering a lively and nostalgic gaming experience under the open sky. Journey back in time with old friends like pinball, Daytona, Pacman and Space Invaders.

Silent DisGlow. Grab some wireless headphones, unleash your dance moves and light up the dance floor.


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