Real Festival for kids

Everything that’s family-friendly and bucket loads of fun for kids.

The best family time is when everyone is having fun together; learning something new, being genuinely surprised or laughing at something hilarious. It’s these kind of feel-good moments that Real Festival delivers in spades and this year is no exception. Feast your eyes on what we have planned for kids and families this year and start planning your family outing.


If it’s wide-eyed amazement and pick your jaw off the floor moments you’re after, then you can’t miss the headline performance, All That We Are. This breathtaking aerial spectacular is performed over land and water, and requires a crane to hoist performers into the air. The show will be performed on Friday at 8pm, and 7pm and 8.45pm on Saturday.

Dive into a pool of slapstick stunts and comedy with the acclaimed production Splash Test Dummies (Fri 6.30pm, Sat 6pm & 7.45pm). The circus troupe behind this award-winning show has recently performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and will wow kids with their stunt work and acrobatics, and have everyone drowning in tears of laughter with hilarious skits.

 The impressive range of artworks along the riverbank guarantees surprises and fun at every corner. String Symphony is a giant illuminated puppet standing four-metres tall who only comes to life with help from festival attendees. Kids can play with native animals on the Creature interactive projection and there’s the super huge but still super cute inflatable and illuminated Bilby, because who doesn’t love giant native animals?


Roaming entertainers bring colour and fun to every corner of the event. Everyone’s favourite book and TV character Maisy Mouse will be there (day, time) to bring smiles to the faces of kids as she wanders around. Dynamic duo Beeswax & Bottlecaps (Fri & Sat) will delight kids (and adults!) with a series of energetic, bright and funny short performances.

In our magic garden of musical plants (Fri & Sat) kids who love music can make their very own music using plant instruments. When the plants are touched they play a musical note allowing kids to create their very own composition. Expect a beautiful symphony or a cacophony; either way the kids will have fun!

Australian comic book artist and cartoonist Craig Bunker needs the help of imaginative kids to create a giant comic strip for everyone to see and enjoy. If you know a child with a big imagination bring them to this fun, interactive, collaborative drawing workshop (Fri 6pm to 8pm) and see their ideas come to life.


Little kids with big green thumbs will love getting grubby with ABC TV’s Costa Georgiadis (Sat, 2-8pm). Costa is back to share his passion for plants, animals and sustainability and to cultivate everyone’s enthusiasm for gardening in informative talks and hands-on activities.

The gardening fun continues with in the Dirt Girl World Activity Village (Fri, 5-8.30pm and Sat, 2-8.30pm). This is where kids can learn how to grow their own herbs and decorate an eco-friendly pot which they can then take home with them.

There’s a wide range of marvellous marsupials and risky reptiles waiting to meet, greet (but not eat!) everyone at the Amazing Animals Show (Sat 4pm, 7.30pm). Kids can get up close to, learn about and interact with these amazing native animals in a safe environment –there’s no need to travel when the zoo comes to you!


Keep little hands busy with a fantastic range of creative activities along the riverbank day and night. When it’s time to shine, kids can grab a paintbrush and their favourite colour to help bring the UV Mural (All day Fri & Sat) to life. This is the perfect activity for creative kids and young ones who love painting.

The Origami Garden (All day Fri & Sat) is where paper comes to life! Flowers, cranes, trains and animals – the possibilities are endless and kids will be amazed at what they can create with just a small piece of colourful paper. Let the folding fun begin!

Shadow Puppets (All day Fri & Sat) are so simple and easy to make and with a little imagination (and a bit of light or sun) they create hours of fun. Kids can make their very own Shadow Puppets using clear transparencies, coloured markers and watch their puppets come to life on two-giant outdoor screens.



Whether it’s exploring the great outdoors, burning off energy with sports or cutting loose on the dance floor – there’s plenty of ways for kids to unleash their energy. Scouts NSW are bringing a seven-metre high climbing wall  (All day Fri & Sat) to take adventure to new heights!

We’re taking the action off the land and into the water with free kayaking and stand up paddle boarding (Sat, 2-7pm). This is your chance to do something completely different, with an exhilarating and memorable experience for the whole family. Simply jump on board and start paddling.

We know how much kids love to dance and in the Silent DisGlow they can unleash their moves and dance the light away. No-one else can hear the music, but they won’t be alone on the dance floor as they twirl, jump, jive and bounce along to their very own soundtrack – getting down and seriously groovy.

Now you’ve got a taste for what’s happening for kids and families, view the entire Real Festival program and start planning your time at the event.